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Our focus is laser sharp: to market, to distribute and to present aggressively to the Indonesian customer nationwide on the product we proudly distributed via our wide network of dealers. We will achieve success by having excellent sales people with technical information at their fingertips and a strong after sales support program. Our 14 years of experience in distribution business in Indonesia has teach us to focus on building relationship with dealers rather than just hard selling.

During major sales exhibitions we would set up the booth and we would invite all participating dealers to send their top sales people to achieve highest sales. Every success will bring a direct profit potential to our dealers and our partners.
We constantly believe in making BISNISFOTO.COM as The Reliable Partner! for our customers, for our vendors, for our employees and for our shareholders!

Our dream To be the no.1 distributor for mass-market life-style and digital imaging products in Indonesia. BISNISFOTO.COM is managed by professional managers that focus on strong team work, sustainable profitability for stakeholders and continuous growth.

Our work theme
We believe in moving forward fast, we believe to have knowledgeable sales people with information at their fingertips to serve our customers instantly. We believe to understand well our business, our market, and our customers better than any one else. We believe to be YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER!.

Our commitment BISNISFOTO.COM is committed to do the very best for every product we represented. We also demand that the principle must continuously provide us with superior, innovative and very competitive products to sell. 

Our strength Technical training: BISNISFOTO.COM conduct local regular technical workshop for all resellers to attend. We are known to be very informal and productive with our technical workshops. To give incentive for resellers to come we are known to be very generous to our resellers.
Telephone support: BISNISFOTO.COM provides exclusive local technical support line for each brand we represented for dealers and users to call in.

Service support: BISNISFOTO.COM functions as local service center partner for a brand we represented in Indonesia. On product that we are unable to service instantly, we will replace or loan customers with loaner unit. BISNISFOTO.COM dedicates some loaner units for end users and resellers to take advantage of whenever required to achieve a total customer satisfaction. 

Site Visit Support: Some larger resellers require active support on technical training; our sale staffs are all well educated internally on all the products that we sell. They are required to know all information on our product at their fingertips. During resellers visit, our sales will always bring demo product for on-going product technical training, we dedicated demo product (all mode) for our sales staff to use at anytime for them to educate the resellers and make resellers fell very comfortable using and selling it.

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