Kodak Picture Kiosk G4

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Kodak 6850

“Digital Photo may be the fastest growing business now and in the future”. 

ATM Foto sangat cocok untuk ditempatkan di gedung perkantoran, shopping centers, bandara, supermarket, hypermarket, drug-stores, bookstores, sekolah dan universitas.

Mitsubishi Photo Printer

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Digital Color Thermal Printer
Kualitas Cetak Mengagumkan Sistem pengaturan warna yang unik untuk kualitas gambar terbaik
Peralatan dan Sistem Kerja Inovatif

Pembaruan-pembaruan untuk kinerja yang lebih canggih
Kecepatan Cetak Tinggi
Proses cetak luar biasa cepat dan kapasitas cetak yang tinggi
Mudah dalam Pengoperasian
Mudah dioperasikan dan panel depan yang mudah diakses

Harga Promosi : Rp. 15.000.000,-

SONY SnapLab

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Sony Snaplab Up-CR10L

SONY SnapLab tanpa komputer, dilengkapi dengan layar sentuh

SONY SnapLab lebih ringkas, lebih mobile, dapat dibawa ke berbagai acara, seperti Seminar, Pernikahan, dan berbagai event pertemuan.
Foto tinggal dicetak di tempat.
New & Compact Design
Desain yang compact untuk space terbatas, stylish.

Harga Promosi : Rp. 18.500.000,-


The move marks an important bid by Kodak to reassert its position in the consumer photography market where it has lost out to rivals such as Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Canon as consumers have switched from traditional film photography to printing digital images at home, mainly using ink-jet printers.

Although Kodak sells a number of specialist printers including a range of small models using dye-sublimation technology, it has lacked models targeting the mainstream inkjet printer market – a market where competitors have typically subsidised hardware costs with high-priced ink and paper "consumables".

However Kodak executives believe the high price of ink supplies in particular have discouraged consumers from printing many of the digital images they take on their digital cameras and camera phones. They also believe consumers have been put off by the relatively poor quality and short lifespan of many home produced digital prints. Kodak claims its three new EasyShare all-in-one printers will enable consumers to print, affordably, crisp, sharp documents and Kodak photo lab-quality prints at home using long lasting pigment-based inks that will save consumers up to 50 per cent on their printing costs compared with rival printers.

"After today, the inkjet market will never be the same," said Antonio Perez, Kodak's chief executive. "We are changing the rules in this industry to ensure that consumers can affordably print what they want, when they want, easily and at the high level of Kodak quality they have come to expect."

The new printers, priced between $149 and $299, will be sold exclusively through Best Buy in the US and will also go on sale in other markets including Europe beginning in May.
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