Kodak Picture Kiosk G4

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Kodak 6850

“Digital Photo may be the fastest growing business now and in the future”. 

ATM Foto sangat cocok untuk ditempatkan di gedung perkantoran, shopping centers, bandara, supermarket, hypermarket, drug-stores, bookstores, sekolah dan universitas.

Mitsubishi Photo Printer

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Digital Color Thermal Printer
Kualitas Cetak Mengagumkan Sistem pengaturan warna yang unik untuk kualitas gambar terbaik
Peralatan dan Sistem Kerja Inovatif

Pembaruan-pembaruan untuk kinerja yang lebih canggih
Kecepatan Cetak Tinggi
Proses cetak luar biasa cepat dan kapasitas cetak yang tinggi
Mudah dalam Pengoperasian
Mudah dioperasikan dan panel depan yang mudah diakses

Harga Promosi : Rp. 15.000.000,-

SONY SnapLab

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Sony Snaplab Up-CR10L

SONY SnapLab tanpa komputer, dilengkapi dengan layar sentuh

SONY SnapLab lebih ringkas, lebih mobile, dapat dibawa ke berbagai acara, seperti Seminar, Pernikahan, dan berbagai event pertemuan.
Foto tinggal dicetak di tempat.
New & Compact Design
Desain yang compact untuk space terbatas, stylish.

Harga Promosi : Rp. 18.500.000,-

By Paul Taylor in New York
Updated: 8:40 a.m. ET Feb. 6, 2007

Eastman Kodak, the US-based photography group, is launching an assault on the home digital photo printing market Tuesday with a family of inkjet printers, inks and paper designed to cut the cost of producing a standard postcard-sized print by 50 per cent to about 10 cents.

Kodak claims proprietary technology built into the three new all-in-one inkjet printers will make them simple to use and enable them to deliver low-cost, high-quality prints that rival those produced by a professional photo lab.

Source : Express Computers, India - Feb 9, 2007 Better quality and greater affordability have ensured the dominance of digital technology in clicking and processing pictures. By Varun Aggarwal You don’t have to be a professional photographer to fulfil your dreams of taking decent snaps. All you need is a digicam or even a camera phone. Connect the device of your choice directly to a photo printer, select the pictures you want to print and voila—you have images outputted in a flash. You don’t even need a computer to get your printer working. If you’re not too impressed with the pictures you clicked, get hold of a manual and go through some image improvement steps in image enhancement software like Adobe Photoshop CS and you’re in business.

Mitsubishi photo printers for Liebe stores : Liebe Drug Stores has recently installed three Mitsubishi Imaging DPS Kiosk 9000 digital photofinishing systems to meet a growing consumer demand for immediate, yet high-quality digital prints. Now offering self-service prints at a speed not previously available, Liebe Drug Stores has seen an increase in its average order size as a result of the updated equipment. Liebe Drug Stores (located in Milbank, South Dakota, Ortonville, Minnesota and Appleton, Minnesota) have each been equipped with a Mitsubishi DPS Kiosk 9000 system. The Ortonville and Appleton stores have photofinishing systems that include two Mitsubishi CP-9550DW digital photo printers, producing 4 x 6 prints.

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